Dirk Crouse photo
Dirk Crouse, Founder & Executive Consultant

Dirk holds the following tertiary qualifications:

  • NDT in Electrical Engineering
  • BA in Economics and Psychology
  • MBA in Entrepreneurial Business (Bond University Australia)

Mr. Dirk Crouse obtained his Lean skills under the unparalleled and rare coaching methodology of successive Japanese Lean sensei whilst successfully leading a transformation of former Firestone operations to the successful Bridgestone Lean system. This very rare skill (transforming a brownfield operation into a lean entity) subsequently resulted in success in a range of industries, continents, and cultural environments and is now available as Lean support to Businesses, Individuals, Executives, Management, and Practitioners, including career aspiring staff.  

Whereas today’s Toyota and Bridgestone sensei having experienced mostly well-established Lean within organizations where it had already been implemented successfully for some decades, they no longer have learned their skill in the transformation from a pure non-lean condition as did their masters. Dirk however was privileged to this rare coaching whilst practicing lean transformation from a legacy Firestone to Bridgestone system and gained a deep understanding from sensei guidance who were themselves pioneers in such a transformation at Bridgestone. He thus uniquely benefitted in acquiring this skill, so poor in its prevalence still today.

Subsequent employment and clients followed across several international organizations. His later experience was gained in a wide range of industries, continents, and cultural environments. All in all, with over 4 decades of industry experience almost three quarters of which Dirk served successfully in various senior and international management roles with Lean transformation as a key focus, from Manufacturing Manager, Entity Business leader with EBIT responsibility, General Manager Quality Management Systems, Global Operational Excellence Manager, Head of Operational Excellence and Executive Consultant. The unique insights gained through experience from highly successful to moderately successful transformations along with reflection and analysis have equipped Dirk with a unique methodology to ensure success. This is furthermore undergirded by considering himself a continual student of Lean cultural change.

Mr. Crouse has successfully led multiple brownfield-to-Lean transformations with Global international entities like Bridgestone, Fonterra (Food), Seqirus CSL (Pharma) as well as a number of small to medium size entities. Success has been underscored by extraordinary improvements in Productivity, Cost savings, Quality, and Lead time reductions resulting in multiple channels of improved earnings. The most valued of all he sees as where the culture of engagement, co-ownership, and innovation takes hold through the development of staff. This he refers to as the most sustainable of all contributions to any entity towards a leading competitive edge. His experience in cultural adaptability gained in working in several countries in Europe, North America, Brazil, South Africa, New Zealand, and Australia has further provided him with invaluable cross-cultural people and business acumen.  

As the Executive Lean Sensei consultant Dirk provides Lean support to Businesses, Practitioners, and Individuals (Executives, Management, and career aspiring staff) via a variety of platforms including Onsite, Virtual, Webinars, and other Online offerings.