Face to Face, online and e-Coaching Services

Offering a complete Lean transformation based on a very rare and unique skill from the executive suite to operators on the frontline, we assess the gap to the client’s needs, jointly formulate a customised roadmap, develop the leadership to lead the change, train the frontline, model the approach through a pilot operation across all relevant entity functions, check and adapt and then roll out wide.

Lean Manufacturing

The following services are offered also in a virtual and online format:


Lean Rollout

Support services for Leadership and Practitioners

Embedding the above cultural change into your organisation, is achieved through a comprehensive People focussed approach; through 1 on 1 Gemba (the place where value is created) in a form of a non-threatening coaching style engagement with no room for incrimination or fear; thus developing people’s confidence in solving problems and empowering staff to make changes for improvement (Kaizen).

A typical comprehensive rollout will follow the 6 steps sequence on approach page tailored to each entity’s unique requirements, vision, and goals.