Operational Excellence Training Australia

The operational excellence training in Australia will provide participants with the behavioural competencies, skills and knowledge needed to support an Operational Excellence program and contribute significantly to your organisation’s bottom line by lowering costs, waste, lead times, cycle times, defects, and variation.

Operational Excellence (OPEX) encompasses more than just continuous improvement, cost reduction, and productivity enhancement. By taking a holistic approach to improvement, OPEX helps your organisation achieve long-term profitability and development. The essence of our operational excellence training in Australia is an organisational culture that enhances employee empowerment and motivation to achieve long-term performance development and sustainable growth. Applying the appropriate tools to the right processes in the right culture is at the heart of our operational excellence training in Australia.

Applying the appropriate tools in the right culture to the right processes is taken very seriously by our operational excellence training in Australia. Lean Sensei is an important aspect of organisational leadership that focuses on the continuous improvement of the organisation’s culture and operational procedures.

This operational excellence training in Australia is for executives and practitioners who want to transform their organisations using operational excellence methods, techniques, processes, and technologies.

After successful completion of operational excellence training in Australia, you will be able to do the following:
• Prioritise and connect improvement activities in order to meet the organisation’s strategic goals.

• Examine procedures, provide suggestions for improvements, and track how the changes are progressing.

• Improve the efficacy and efficiency of corporate operations by managing projects and work processes.

• In the context of operational improvement projects, choose and apply appropriate tools and approaches.

• To accomplish core operational excellence goals — simpler, better, quicker, and cheaper – apply lean organisation concepts and practices.

• To enable operational excellence and influence organisational culture and employee behaviour.

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