Lean Training Australia

One of the leading lean training providers in Australia, Lean Sensei offers a comprehensive Lean transformation relying on a diverse and precious skillset from the executive level to frontline drivers.

At Lean Sensei, we evaluate the customers’ requirements, collaborate to develop a highly customised roadmap, establish the authority to lead effectively, instruct the frontline, pilot the strategy throughout all pertinent entity features, verify and make adjustments, and then wrap out widely. Our lean training in Australia offers online certification courses that can boost your earning capacity and your firm’s profit. Further, we provide the best online training available on the internet.

Two reasons often impede firms from achieving operational excellence, resulting in substandard quality of products and services or explicit productivity decline, resulting in customer unhappiness and decreased profitability. These are the variables referred to as wastage and operational variation. Our lean training in Australia will help you to navigate all these issues.

Specific procedures or techniques will prevent these issues throughout the manufacturing process, resulting in operational excellence that meets corporate goals. These approaches and systems are referred to as Lean and Six Sigma.

Our professional teachers are practitioners with an extensive understanding of Lean Six Sigma and are adept at delivering courses using best-in-class eLearning approaches. We provide the most comprehensive online Six Sigma courses available on the internet.
Begin with our comprehensive Lean Six Sigma training. Our comprehensive program covers every aspect of Lean Six Sigma Techniques from beginning to end, and we don’t overlook anything! We not just show you these ideas and strategies but also demonstrate their application via real-world case studies. Enrol for our lean training in Australia today.


Dirk holds the following tertiary qualifications:

NDT in Electrical Engineering
BA in Economics and Psychology
MBA in Entrepreneurial Business


The following services are offered also in a virtual and online format: