Lean Consulting Australia

Lean Sensei, the leading lean consulting firm in Australia, offers vast and effective training programs that work hand in hand with Lean Consulting. Our Lean Consultants will provide short or long-term program management to companies needing assistance. Further, Lean Sensei is a prominent Lean Consulting Firm because of our extensive connections and highly qualified and knowledgeable Lean Consultants.

We are your reliable lean consulting partner in Australia for your growth and development needs. Our goal is to assist businesses in improving their value  and performance to the customer. We specialise in communication and collaborating with you to bring about positive changes using Lean, and Systems Thinking techniques. We collaborate with your employees to make improvements that are measurable and quantifiable.

Providing training or projects that use Lean technologies for cost reductions or efficiency improvements will not build long-term capability. Instead, our lean training in online believes in the continual development of people, staff mentoring, the establishment of a learning community, and hence the building of an unbeatable competitive edge via the development of people competence.

Further, while many people think of Lean as a set of tools for cost-cutting, quality improvement, or improved efficiency, we see it as a strategic plan for identifying and removing the most crucial developmental obstacles that any company faces. We work with your teams to empower individuals and develop their potential and the organisation’s overall capability.

So, if you are looking for a reliable lean consulting firm to partner with in Australia, the team at Lean Sensei will be happy to assist you. Contact us


Dirk holds the following tertiary qualifications:

NDT in Electrical Engineering
BA in Economics and Psychology
MBA in Entrepreneurial Business


The following services are offered also in a virtual and online format: