Authentic Lean Transformation
Missing the real essence towards excellence?

Lean, as developed by Japanese companies like Toyota, Bridgestone and others is mostly a far cry from most so-called Lean, CI, or Six Sigma companies and many proponents /consultants. Most of these focus on quality improvements, cost savings, waste reduction, process streamlining, improving customer value, minimizing waste & just in time inventory, etc. – all good Lean concepts, towards an objective of excellence however, implementing these yet missing the essence of lean and the sustainable force of culture behind it, is mostly neglected. Following the principles of lean through a Leadership driven cultural change are often completely neglected in favour of training programs, tools, and projects. Instead, a lean journey should be developed based on:

Vision & Purpose

The unique skill of transforming traditional organisations into a Lean culture model is our speciality, a skill very rare in existence as even most of today’s Toyota experts never learnt their skill from such beginnings. In contrast to most, our skills were developed whilst under the mentorship of multiple top Japanese Bridgestone sensei in transforming a legacy Firestone organisation into a truly lean Bridgestone model.

We assist organisations to gain a deeper understanding of the organisation and its True North longer-term big picture vision. Developing a Learning organisation (Learn to continuously understand your people and process better), understand the gaps in the Vision and then develop the strategies to close the gaps using strategy deployment best practise like Hoshin Kanri (a methodology developed by Bridgestone and since followed by Toyota and others).

For our offering process in more detail see the Approach page. Our main focus in interventions is to work with all levels to identify the roadblocks standing between them and the entity Vision, develop the approach to find solutions and overcome these in a systematic and structured process.

Also see our proven expertise over time, including Global Entities like Bridgestone, Fonterra and CSL amongst others.

Future & Vision
Passion fuels our destiny

Principal Philosophies

Respect for People followed by Respect for Resources.

The first of these two typically get very little if any attention with the focus more exclusively on the second. Instead, Lean transformations require a cultural change not possible without the first and not skipped in preference to a quick solution and fix and thereby resulting in an ever-evasive sustainable cultural solution. Without the cultural aspects fully embedded the sustainability of lean progress most often is in jeopardy beyond the departure of key individuals.

Continuous improvement (kaizen) by following the Deming model of PDCA (Plan Do Check Act) needs to become a daily activity by everyone in the organisation.

Learning Organisation

To achieve sustainability exceeds beyond a project or the next 3 years, but rather a phenomenon accelerating over time beyond up to half-century (as in the case of the two mentioned example companies) and requires much more than implementing tools and improvement projects. True Lean needs to go substantially deeper. This is primarily driven strategically by the Executive and expects everyone in the organisation to continuously learn and make improvements.

We, therefore, work closely with all levels to transfer knowledge and understanding, develop the right thinking, learn to see, and understand, most of all how to listen to people and empower them to drive change at every level and every individual in the business. Learn to understand the obstacles to growth, how to overcome these, and establish unhindered flow.

To operationalise Lean into a self-sustaining culture requires that an organisation Learn to learn. ‘Deep understanding’ is the ultimate objective we are focused on achieving within our client organisations. It is not about implementing a program well and then the results will roll in, but a continuous approach delivering sustained all-inclusive cultural change.

Key to this learning and the cultural shift it brings about is the coaching style deployed between all levels but especially between the Executive and Frontline staff. We call this Gemba coaching and the tool to improve the capability of managers and Frontline through deliberate and skillful interaction with the executive levels. 

Learning mindset

The following services are offered also in a virtual and online format: