Gemba Coaching Australia

To be successful in your personal transforming path, you must locate the right life coach to help you along the way. This involves finding a Gemba coaching offering institute in Australia with whom you are comfortable and who understands not only your goals but also your personality and way of life. Your search ends right here.

As a coach, a leader watches a team member’s performance or behaviour, engages in a dialogue to reflect on the outcomes, and agrees on the next actions, experiments, and follow-up. The Gemba Coaching in Australia is a key facilitator of daily management that incorporates both people development and performance improvement into a leader’s daily routine.

We ensure that a leader’s function as a coach helps in encouraging people to think about how they can work smarter, increase team performance via problem-solving, promote individual growth to take on more responsibility, develop supportive relationships, and boost morale and job satisfaction. Learn how to include coaching into daily leadership routines by learning best practices and simple procedures for Gemba coaching in Australia.

Lean Sensei believes that to stay ahead in today’s economic world; you’ll need every competitive advantage you can obtain. But, more importantly, what is your competitive advantage, and how can you sharpen it? We can assist you. We offer specialised Gemba coaching to some of Australia’s largest and most well-known companies.

Our executive coaches can help you improve your leadership effectiveness by identifying critical strengths and areas for improvement, providing your company with the competitive advantage it needs to succeed. We assist in creating a welcoming training and learning environment and increasing employee engagement. So, contact us and let us know your requirements. Our team can assist you with the best techniques of Gemba coaching in Australia and help you build the most outstanding results for your company.


Dirk holds the following tertiary qualifications:

NDT in Electrical Engineering
BA in Economics and Psychology
MBA in Entrepreneurial Business


The following services are offered also in a virtual and online format: