Masterclass: The Leader as Coach

2 - Day In person Face-to-Face Workshop

10th and 17th March 2023

The ability to coach from the C-suite level has far more impact on organizational culture than any other method deployed to date. This had been proven by the success sustained over decades by Japanese companies like Toyota, Bridgestone, Panasonic and others as well as numerous western entities that have since followed this approach in establishing a ‘Learning organization’.  This is further confirmed by the bi-annual PROSCI surveys which consistently identifies:

The Active and Visible participation of senior leadership” as the number one most effective success factor in Change Management.

The role of  Coaches 

The role of coaches amongst respected leaders is to empower others to increase their capability, think differently, and is so doing develop their skills and overall performance. The approach excels in terms of effectiveness in motivating individuals, and their teams, whilst building trust and rapport across levels.

 Fostering an environment of problem-solving and innovation through coaching by using appropriate communication skills and techniques and a Socratic questioning approach is paramount in establishing a ‘ learning organization‘.


This practical two-day Masterclass

• A unique feature of this Masterclass is extensive skill development of coaching through role-playing. 

• Practicing under the reflective guidance of an industry-experienced practitioner. 

• Provides skills and tools to implement the learnings in your work environment after day one.

• Learn collectively from experience by sharing ‘Lessons learned’ of masterclass participants a week later (day two).

• Approach is based on the success of major industry iconic companies following this methodology.

Masterclass distinctive

  • Understand the power and become proficient in the Socratic questioning model and skill.
  • Distinguish Instruction, Mentoring, and Coaching continuum and when to use each approach appropriately.
  • Develop the ability to coach naturally with authenticity instead of following a mechanical predictive approach. Improve masterclass participants’ capabilities to influence colleagues across a wide spectrum in their organization.
  • Master the art of listening skills and gain / develop trust across organizational levels.

Learning objectives

By completing the Masterclass , participants will be able to:

  • Become an enabler for organizational change.
  • Significantly develop the performance capability of any level in the organization.
  • Performance improvement becomes easily targeted to individuals and teams.
  • Simultaneously impact their employees’ motivation and self-esteem to contribute to their careers and the organization.
Masterclass Chart

Masterclass Fee

$1800 + GST pp refreshements, lucnh   sdfsdfsdfsdf

Who should attend?

The Masterclass is primarily aimed at executives and senior leaders with a vision to extend their influence for performance and cultural impact

Feedback from previous participants

“Well structured good material”; Excellent concepts and presentation style”; “Great interactive participation facilitated”; “Knowledgeable and experienced facilitator”; “Great venue and organisation” ; “Good examples from facilitator illustrating key points”; ” Homework coaching examples worked well in real life”; “I have been pleasantly surprised by the growth my supervisors have shown in decision making since I adopted this method of coaching with them”.

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