Change Management Gap Analysis

Lean Sensei’s change management gap analysis program helps you understand your current performance and how it compares to your goals. The output is a report that identifies gaps or the differences between where you want to be and where you are today.
We’ll find areas to improve your business efficiency, your product, and your profitability. We’ll explore internal and external factors that are affecting productivity and customer satisfaction.

A gap analysis compares your expectations and results. It measures how well a program or initiative is performing against your stated goals. A positive gap analysis tells you that you have met or exceeded expectations. A negative gap between the two shows the opposite — that you have fallen short of what you intended to achieve.

A Change Management Gap Analysis is an assessment of the readiness of an organisation to enable a change that is managed by the organisation itself. It provides input to the next stage in step with the company’s needs and goals.
The need for change must be identified and communicated in a way that is understood by all people at all levels of the organisation. The change management process must include communication about the information needed, how it will be communicated, who will communicate, and the frequency of communication.

If you’re looking to perform a change management gap analysis, we help you walk through five steps that include: the general area, specific areas requiring improvement, targets, current state, and action plans.

After an integrated change management gap analysis, most organisations have a clear understanding of where gaps exist between their existing and their desired cultures. A gap analysis is a tool that can identify areas of improvement in an organisation’s culture. This helps provide insight into how an organisation reacts to change and what specific targets should be considered for creating change within a company. Contact our team to know how change management gap analysis can help you.


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