Business Coaching Australia

Do you seek to improve the capability and effectiveness of your organization? Then,  honing the most effective style of business coaching  will contribute massively to your success.   You may have a talented staff with tremendous potential but coaching and sound guidance is usually required to maximise benefit. Furthermore, our approach to coaching has allowed companies to significantly propel business success by developing Coaching skills to continuously develop staff capability.

At Lean Sensei, our business coaching is derived from the most successful Japanese methodology. Our founder, Director Dirk Crouse, who has been a leader and business consultant learned this art/skill directly from two Japanese sensei whilst being responsible to transform a legacy Firestone to a Bridgestone model. We state with a little pride that our approach to business coaching in Australia follows the LEAN thinking methodology and perhaps, thereby, is considerably more effective. We do advocate a form of coaching that embraces the complete enterprise. Our Lean Enterprise Management imparts all of its principles, but 2 aspects stand out:

Firstly, our focus and philosophy is on Respect for People, and their development, resulting in a mindset change and where their roles impact organizational culture to the Lean Thinking philosophy. Our Lean knowledge and experience had been obtained from years of mentoring by Japanese Sensei whilst successfully transforming a legacy traditional corporate into the Japanese model and achieving unsurpassed success in leading this transformation. 

The second Lean philosophy of Respect for Resources refers to what is generally known as Continuous Improvement and waste elimination.  Jointly these two in tandem bring about a culture change that delivers results more optimally. We also encourage your people and your firm to constantly learn, reflect and implement and become a Learning Organization.

We work with passion toward transforming traditional businesses and organizations into Lean culture models. Through the coaching model we provide the tools to align all staff with the Company Vision and Breakthrough objectives. Most importantly we train the Exec and Senior Leaders how to coach staff in one-on-one and small group settings on how they can best contribute to Continuous Improvement and develop personal and staff capability.

Our portfolio includes working with international industrial giants like Bridgestone, Fonterra, and CSL among others. We aim to assist your company in thoroughly understanding your Long term vision, the Medium-term breakthrough objectives, and provide the tools to resolve the roadblocks and obstacles in its way. The methodology also includes perhaps the best process to ensure alignment across the enterprise and actual execution and robust review. In this way, we help your organization and its team members to flourish in their professional lives. Contact us today and know how we can assist you.


Dirk holds the following tertiary qualifications:

NDT in Electrical Engineering
BA in Economics and Psychology
MBA in Entrepreneurial Business


The following services are offered also in a virtual and online format: