Continuous Development of People and Processes

Simply selling training or projects using Lean tools for Cost savings or efficiency gains will not develop the capability for sustainability. Instead, we believe in the continuous development of people, coaching of staff, establishing a learning organisation, and thus developing an unassailable competitive edge through people capability development. This had been demonstrated successfully in low to high-skill industries. We also do not believe in selling cookie crunch training or rollout programs.

Instead, each organisation is unique and understanding its visionary ambitions and longer-term goals (The True North) needs to kick off any program of this nature. Understanding and distilling these needs are paramount for successful outcomes. From that, a gap assessment needs to be derived, followed by an Overview Lean Training for the Executives, as well as Leadership role development for a clear understanding of each role and how to impact the change. Then only can a roadmap be developed by engaging all levels in the renowned Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment methodology as developed by Bridgestone and later adopted by Toyota and others.

With this as a guiding platform, real training on Lean concepts and a pilot approach is followed in tandem with a Learn by Doing training roughly following the 6-step process below. Once a successful pilot is implemented, a wider rollout commences. Lastly, the organisation is trained on how to continuously gain knowledge of itself, its processes and learn through continuous learning problem identification, framing, and solving to become a true Learning organisation.

While many view Lean simply as consisting of tools for cost savings, quality improvement, or efficiency gains, we think of it as a roadmap to reveal and eliminate the most pressing barriers to growth unique to each entity. Working alongside your teams, we help to empower people and increase their capability and that of the organisation as a whole.

Develop your Lean Leader arsenal

Learn to See & understand, Learn, to identify and solve, Learn, to implement solutions, Learn, from the results, then Learn to Coach. This ultimately results in a Lean learning culture.

This approach results in a sustainable learning organisation of continuous improvement and a competitive advantage shared by only a very select few amongst so-called Lean organisations, able to continue without reliance on continual external interventions.

Leadership Compass

1.) Executive Overview

Initial high-level Training overview to familiarise executives with Lean and importantly their contribution and unique role in changing the culture.

2.) Gap Assessment

An Assessment facilitated but measured by the organisation itself provides input to the next stage in-step with the Company needs and goals.

3.) Strategy deployment

Based on each unique organisational situation and to execute strategies with a human-centered approach, focussed strongly on Alignment; the Vital Few approach; Strategy and Tactics development involving all from Top Executives to Frontline operators in the famous Catch-ball process. Supported by a superior and robust execution system cascaded by level all the way down to the Gemba (where value is created).

4.) Leadership Development

Middle and Frontline management need to be fully empowered and proficient to roll out Problems Solving; Continuous Improvement; and all the supporting tools to lead the frontline change program using the ‘scientific method’ and ‘learn by doing’ concepts to embed the culture of Continuous Improvement and Learning.

5.) Frontline training

Focus on all the lean tools but using a Learn by doing approach Frontline roles experience the power of these methodologies firsthand in simulated environments whilst learning the ‘how to’ by implementing their own ideas and learn from its results. Later, being guided to transfer these skills to their own workplace becomes fairly easy without the usual Resistance to Change.

6.) Gemba Coaching

Aimed primarily at Executives to provide them the tools and thinking required to change the culture to that of Lean Thinking and a continuous learning organisation. Developing Coaching & mentoring capability that resonates with all levels within an organisation.