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Shocking results from MIT Sloan School survey


Many organisations despite being run by Top class seasoned executives, often fall short of the potential available notwithstanding Business Strategy planning being heavily marketed with an abundance of Townhall sessions, Corporate posters, and slogans. Somehow the hype and achievement often disappear like fog when the sun rises. A recent MIT Sloan School survey of more than 4,000 managers found shockingly that only 28% could correctly list three of their firms’ top strategic priorities.

The Hoshin Kanri Strategy Deployment methodology was developed to address the pertinent causes of this problem which lie at the root of what organisations both in the past and sadly still today endure.

An incomplete list of these causes follows:

                                                                                          1.    Lack of a clear and simple longer-term Vision
                                                                                          2.    No alignment around the multiple priorities or differentiation between Immediate, Medium- and Longer-Term.
                                                                                          3.    Top-down planning with a lack of meaningful discussions between levels and functions within the organisation and little engagement by all staff.
                                                                                          4.    Priorities and Issues are too numerous, causing dilution of efforts and confusion. Instead of a Vital Few they deal hordes of areas in need of focus.
                                                                                          5.    Lack of a rigorous tracking process, poor execution and delays attract little if any consequences.
                                                                                          6.    For the vast majority of staff there is no line of sight on their contribution Etc. etc.

Countermeasures in Hoshin Kanri to the above are:

1.    Developing an enduring TRUE NORTH Vision bridging up to a decade or more that remains unchanged by new marketing or other fad of the month approach.
2.    A comprehensive alignment and decision-making process of Ideation is followed by a catch-ball process ending in aligned decisions.
3.    Further alignment occurs through cascading level by level. Despite starting the process as a Top Down, each lower level is given specific tasks in developing the end result. All levels are encouraged to question and add to the debate through this catch-ball and cascading processes. The goal is alignment in understanding, not always consensus (as viewed by westerners), yet ensures ownership throughout. By its very nature, the process is now both top-down AND Bottom-Up.
4.    Limiting priorities to the Vital Few rather than Trivial Many further assures success and resource allocation that ensures such success.
5.    A rigorous monthly review of the rolling 90day execution plan at every level furthers effective slippage control and accountability.
6.    Etc., etc.


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